If you are looking to sell your business, the first things you’ll want to know are:

  • What’s my company worth?

  • What are my selling options?

  • Am I positioned to get the highest value?

If you want to receive maximum value for your business, it’s essential to understand its worth.

Clearvue Business Brokers are no-nonsense business entrepreneurs with the contacts and resources to help you reach your goals. We leverage our experience to help you position your business to sell at maximum value.

After a careful analysis of your business we will provide you a range of the most-likely selling price of your business in a confidential Business Valuation.

Your confidential Business Valuation is Free and will provide you the guidance you need for your next steps.

It will reflect a number of key metrics as well as an analysis of many of the following contributing factors:

Transparent Financials

Tenured Staff

Recurring Revenue

Revenue Diversity

Company Maturity


Facilities and Location

Online Reviews

Website Effectiveness

Consistent Financial Performance

Industry Desirability

Quality Financial Metrics

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    Take Time Now

    Many of our clients visit with us long before they are fully prepared and positioned to sell. We are able to provide a range of the most-likely current selling price of a business in a confidential Business Valuation.

    In addition, we can suggest minor adjustments to specific areas of a business that can be made now to put it in a position to receive the highest value when ready to sell.

    Preparation is the key to receiving the best results in the sale of your business

    “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
    — Warren Buffett

    Preparation Can Reduce Risk

    Most M&A professionals account for a small company discount in their valuation determinations.  The perception is that small companies are riskier than larger businesses.  Generally, it’s understood that larger businesses are more substantial and stable organizations because they:

    • operate and grow independent of their owners
    • are more transparent
    • are better able to weather economic fluctuations

    Because of this risk perception Business Valuations of smaller companies are sensitive to many areas where improvement can be made.

    Making adjustments today to lower risk can generate more offers and higher prices.

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