Confidentiality is one of the most important issues surrounding the sale of your business.

Your ongoing relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers are extremely important factors to your company’s success and to the value you will receive for your company.  Any premature indication of a possible change in ownership could disrupt these relationships and could weaken your company’s competitive position.

That is why confidentiality is critically important at every stage in the process of selling your business.

With the proper care and procedures, it is possible to minimize the risk of an untimely disclosure.  Clearvue Business Brokers first contact with potential buyers is made through our strategic marketing campaign using a blind profile of your company.  Your company details and location are only described in general terms.

A broad description of your services, products and opportunities for growth are explained along with key financial metrics. Your company is not identified in the blind profile.

You can rest assured that the process will remain confidential when you use Clearvue Business Brokers to handle the marketing material and documentation throughout the sale process. This will allow you the freedom and time to continue to focus on running your business throughout the sale process.

Ensuring that there is no disruption in your continued operations is a key metric in maximizing your closing price. Clearvue Business Brokers maintains your confidentiality and confidence by only releasing information about your business to qualified, interested buyers who work under and agree to our confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement.